Monday, December 19, 2011

"Processing" and cache

Right at go-live from 8.49 to 8.51 we had some people that complained about sitting and waiting for the "Processing".  At first I thought they were using the old term for the new spinning pinwheel.  Then I got the same thing.  On one page, I got that old flashing gif that symbolized "I'm working on it, please wait".

I deleted my browser cache and the problem went away.  A bunch of other problems went away too.  In particular, the eRecruit job search started working.  This happened at the live system checkout after we applied Tools 8.51.  We had all the testers delete their browser cache, and many issues cleared up.

We sent out communication to the users so that everyone who ran into issues would delete their browser cache.  Then we started getting complaints from external job applicants, who we also had delete their browser cache.

We needed a better solution.  We had never had this type of problem with a Tools upgrade before.  I suspect that Oracle rewrote many Javascripts this time, rather than replacing them.  After some research, we found the following to address the problem.

On the Web Profile Configuration  / Caching, go to the Directories section.  Change the name of all of the directories.  I added the Tools version to the end.  So for our current version of 8.51.13, it's set like this:

Remember to change it for all of your Web Profiles.  We have a separate one for external applicants.

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