Monday, February 4, 2013

Stuck-In-Processing Solved!

Our stuck-in-processing problem continued and then during our annual enrollment period, it worsened dramatically.  We attributed it to the increase traffic during enrollment, but after enrollment it didn't get much better.  We investigated problem further and found "How To Identify Session Stickiness Problems On Load Balancer?" [ID 1307344.1] on Oracle support.  We also found this article useful, "How to Setup PeopleSoft and WebLogic when using a Load Balancer [ID 653998.1].

After doing some testing with going directly to a web server, rather than through the content switch, all clues pointed to the content switch as the source of the problem.  Working with our network group was slow.  They explained that the content switch only passed on what it was given and couldn't be the source of a problem.  We used a sniffer to trace the network connection on a user that experienced the stuck-in-processing problem a lot.  They saw that the user was fine until a reset was sent to the user from a different server than the one that they were connected to.  

The fix for the problem did turn out to be a setting on the content switch.  There was a session timeout that was set to a low setting -- less than a minute.  Here's what our network guy said "...the solution is to increase the flow timeout setting.  I decided to change the set the setting to what {server} is using (560 seconds or 9.33 minutes) to fix this..."

My understanding of this issue is not complete.  Here is what I have so far.  Please let me know if you have more information.  Starting with IE 8, the browser opens six connections to the server as soon as you login.  Depending on the what you are doing, PeopleSoft may use just a few of these connections.  Then if you go to a page that is more complex, you may use more of the connections.  With a short timeout, these previously unused connections may have timed out and could then connect to a different web server.  That web server, unfamiliar with your connection, would send a reset.  Then you were stuck-in-processing.

This fix has solved our problem.  I hope it helps you.

Monday, July 30, 2012

No Longer Stuck in Processing, updated

We finally have a "solution" to the issue where a user was stuck in processing.  I've discussed it here and here. The solution comes from document 1367044.1.

Open the PORTAL_REFRESHPAGE (HTML) object in Application Designer and make
the following changes:

function fadeInPagelet(pgltName){
//hideLoadingImg(pgltName); //JDN: remove this line
setTimeout(function(){hideLoadingImg(pgltName);}, 0); //JDN:add this line
ptCommonObj.fadeElement("ptpgltbody_" + pgltName, 0, 20, 100, 40, 10);
var pgltData = document.getElementById(pgltName + "_Data");
if (pgltData){
if (browserInfoObj.isIE)"";

After applying the changes, make sure the browser cache is cleared before
trying out the changes.

We've tested it and we're planning when to apply it to production.

Update: "It worked in test."
While it seemed great in test, it hasn't completely solved the problem in production.  I've heard from users that it's better, but they still get stuck in processing.  If I get more details from them, I'll put that info out on the blog.

Update #2: See Stuck-in-Processing Solved

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Page Stuck in Processing

We applied Tuxedo patch level 089 (from 069) over the weekend, and it didn't help with the issue users have with getting stuck in processing.  It happens most often when a user clicks the magnifying glass to look up a value.  The processing pinwheel starts spinning, and it doesn't ever come back.  It's the same issue I listed here.

I just got an update from Oracle that this issue is fixed in PeopleTools 8.51.17.  It is "Report ID: 13865710       The Page Struck[sic] in Processing".  We are in the middle of upgrading from HCM 8.9 to 9.1 and a PeopleTools patch does not fit in our upgrade timeline.  I've asked to get an individual fix pulled out from the patch.  Responses to requests like this are hit or miss.  I'll let you know if we get lucky.

Update: See Stuck-in-Processing Solved

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Best Practices for Upgrading PeopleSoft Enterprise

I came across this Oracle White Paper recently titled, Best Practices for Upgrading PeopleSoft Enterprise.  It's a useful reference document for what Oracle considers "best practices".

From pages 12 & 13:

Tip #3—Use Change Management Appropriate for an Upgrade

During an upgrade, it is imperative to freeze metadata and system data in your production environment. With respect to the new release, ensure all relevant patches available are applied appropriately. There are two types of new release patches to manage throughout the upgrade project: "required for upgrade" patches and "regular product" patches. For each upgrade pass, required for upgrade patches only are applied to your upgrade environment. For each user acceptance test rollout or environment, apply regular product patches to the test environment only and never to the upgrade environment. Failure to appropriately manage these different
change management requirements can result in upgrade step failures and unexpected user acceptance test results.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PeopleTools 8.51 & Exchange 2010 revisited

We went into production on the Exchange 2010 server last Friday.  The Exchange server admins were able to set the TarpitInterval based on where the email was originating.

Also we changed the code that sends hundreds of emails in TAM to a batched process.  

Here are the exchange commands we used and the settings changed.

Set-ReceiveConnector –Identity servername\relayconnectorname –ConnectionTimeout  00:20:00
Set-ReceiveConnector –Identity servername\relayconnectorname -TarpitInterval  00:00:00
Set-ReceiveConnector –Identity servername\relayconnectorname –MaxAcknowledgementDelay 00:00:00