Monday, December 12, 2011

Patching to PeopleTools 8.51.13

We applied a patch to PeopleTools 8.51 this last weekend.  It went fairly smoothly and according to schedule.  The patch brought us from PT 8.51.11 to 8.51.13.

The main reason for applying the patch was to get the session timeout to work.  At patch level 11 we had problems with the session timeout not working.  It would occasionally work, but there wasn't a pattern to when it would or wouldn't.  A session would sit there past the warning time and timeout.  Then the user would click on a link or tab, and then they would get a login screen.  This login lead to a different set of problems.  After this re-logging in, the users would either get an "Authorization error - Contact your security administrator", or they re-login and the breadcrumbs were missing.  We had this problem on 8.51.07 too.

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