Wednesday, January 11, 2012

External Applicants and Browsers

Right after go-live from Tools 8.49 to 8.51 we started getting calls from external applicants with many different issues.  Most of these callers were using unsupported browsers.  We increased the visibility of our message that told applicants what browsers are supported.  But that didn't help for a couple of reasons.  Number one --some of our applicants get to our system through links from job search sites.  Our message about browsers was on our company careers web page.  The second reason was that people don't pay any attention to those messages.

This issue frustrated the recruiters because the number of applications coming in was down.  And this issue frustrated developers because we couldn't track down a particular page or component that caused it.  It was an intermittent issue that we couldn't reproduce.  The application server logs didn't offer any helpful information about the errors.

After finding this post on AJAX issues, we turned off AJAX for our External Applicant web profile.  Follow the link to get detailed instructions.  The basic idea: on Web Profile Configuration / Custom Properties tab, create a boolean property "AJAX" with a value of "false".  It changes the user experience, but that change was minimal in the application process.  I think there is one search that goes to a search page now, while with AJAX it used the modal search window.

See the later post on the 501/AJAX error here.

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