Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beginning with the UMRUG

Yesterday was the Upper Midwest Regional User Group meeting for PeopleSoft and JD Edwards.  I attended some good presentations on AWE and real time integration between PeopleSoft and the cloud.

AWE (Approval Workflow Engine) is more than a new name for Workflow.  It's a new process where the events are entered on-line instead of in the App Designer.  There are delivered processes for Time & Labor 9.1,  TAM, and for some of eProfile.  There's a new process for delegating approval work to proxies.  And in multi-step approvals, there is now a send-back to send it back one step.

During the technical break out session, I got the impression that PT8.52 will be out soon.  The PeopleSoft guy wouldn't say anything concrete, but he had info from the release notes.  Also during that session, I asked about a couple of our current issues, but no one else had run into these problems.  More on them later.

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