Friday, November 4, 2011

Session Timeout

We had problems on PT 8.51.07 and again after we applied patch 11 with the session timeout.  It lead to a few different symptoms that users reported.  The problem was that the session would not produce the timeout warning or the Your Session Has Expired page.  You could leave the session there for a hour past the timeout window, and it would never look like it timed out.  But if you clicked on a tab or a menu, it would take you to the login screen.  After login it would sometimes take you to the page you were on before, but the breadcrumbs and header were missing.  Other times it would give you an Authorization Error.

We are testing 8.51.13 and now it's fixed.  It works like it did back in 8.49.  It was listed in patch 8.51.12, but we applied 13 too in case it would fix some of our other issues.  Maybe next time.

And PeopleTools 8.52 did come out by the end of October.  We need to continue with our application upgrade to 9.1.  We're on 8.51.11, patching to 8.51.13 soon.  We aren't considering 8.52 until after it the application upgrade is done.

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