Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PeopleTools 8.51 & Exchange 2010: Part 3, Testing and Conclusion

We downloaded Javamail 1.4.4, the latest version available.  It comes in the mail.jar file. This version tested out nice and speedy, but the SMTP Trace stopped working.  That trace is an App Server configuration setting that we had been using to identify where the slowdown was happening.  After that, we saw in the case notes that PS development was using Javamail 1.4.3.  We downloaded it, tested it, and now we are back to the slow email, but the SMTP Trace worked.  The other downside for the 1.4.4 version was that PS wouldn't recommend that option, and so wouldn't support it.

On the Exchange side, the admins were able to configure a connector just for the IP address of the PeopleSoft server.  And on that connector, the Tarpitinterval is set to zero.  Testing went through multiple iterations to get the Exchange server right.  The next test round had each email taking one second.  Better than five seconds, but not acceptable.  We had eliminated the 
         Tarpit for '0.00:00:05'
 but we still saw this
         Tarpit for '0.00:00:01' due to 'DelayedAck'
These were entries in the Exchange logs.  On the PeopleSoft side, we just saw a delay from one step to the next.  Found a reference to this type of delay here.  To get rid of the one second delay the Exchange server admins had to adjust the ConnectionTimeout and set MaxAcknowledgementDelay to zero.  After they made that change, it worked as quickly as it had with Exchange 2003.  

And we decided that for future development, we would batch the email processing.

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