Monday, July 30, 2012

No Longer Stuck in Processing, updated

We finally have a "solution" to the issue where a user was stuck in processing.  I've discussed it here and here. The solution comes from document 1367044.1.

Open the PORTAL_REFRESHPAGE (HTML) object in Application Designer and make
the following changes:

function fadeInPagelet(pgltName){
//hideLoadingImg(pgltName); //JDN: remove this line
setTimeout(function(){hideLoadingImg(pgltName);}, 0); //JDN:add this line
ptCommonObj.fadeElement("ptpgltbody_" + pgltName, 0, 20, 100, 40, 10);
var pgltData = document.getElementById(pgltName + "_Data");
if (pgltData){
if (browserInfoObj.isIE)"";

After applying the changes, make sure the browser cache is cleared before
trying out the changes.

We've tested it and we're planning when to apply it to production.

Update: "It worked in test."
While it seemed great in test, it hasn't completely solved the problem in production.  I've heard from users that it's better, but they still get stuck in processing.  If I get more details from them, I'll put that info out on the blog.

Update #2: See Stuck-in-Processing Solved

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